Had to save my nails because I was going to have dinner with my boyfriend's parents. So I had to find a nail spa as I was crazy desparate. Since my office is in Suntec, Quiche Nail Spa was considered the nearest for me. The place looked pretty cool and atmosphere were pretty nice. But the staff were way too pushy... I only wanted to get my gel mani done ( I'm rushing for time ) but then she said she will give me a discount if I did a classic pedi. That sounded pretty good right? But no.............. She didn't give me a discount but charged me more instead. How so? Ok so when they started doing my toenails ( I opted for no color ), she threw in a "soap ball" as she said it helps with the dryness and peeling of the skin. But I didn't ask for it right? After she threw it in, she said it will be additional $10. I was taken a aback. But since it was already bubbling in the water, I didn't have a choice to say no. Next, she popped open a foot mask ( collagen ) and said its good for my feet. So I asked how much is that? She said $20 and I was like no I didn't want it. But she said it's open already. Ok so now I just "spent" $20.... What the heck. All I wanted was for the session to finish and get out of this cheating spa. When I went to make payment at the counter, I was overcharged for the things that I didn't want. In fact they overcharged me for the "discount". I find this totally unacceptable. Not only that, they keep pushing me to buy packages with them and that I will get lots of discount. After what happened, they still wanted me to believe them? No way. But they keep pestering me so I had to turn on my angry face and told them off. To all the ladies out there, please don't visit Quiche spa. It is one of the worst nail spas I have ever been to. Never ever returning here anymore. It's expensive, dishonest and just one word: SUCKS.
1 starForeigners and travellers beware. Quiche Nail Spa at Marina Centre is a complete rip off. I was given a voucher while walking through the MRT for a manicure and pedicure for $39.90 normally $69.90. So I thought it would be nice to spoil myself while on holidays. From the moment I sat down, there was a push to sell additional products and treatments. It was difficult to understand the girls with Malaysian accents and masks over their faces but as I was putting my feet into the Pedi spa something about a salt tablet for hygiene was mentioned. This is normal practice in Australian so I agreed, the tablet was dropped into the water and I was told that's an extra $10. This went on for the entire service. Extra $10 for stuff to soak your nails in, pressure to have gel nails. Extra $5 to have quick dry nail top coat. But the real shock and rip off was the Footlogix very dry skin formula cream I purchased. Since this retails on the internet for between $12 to $35, I was shocked and horrified to find my husband, who paid for me while my nails were drying, paid over $100 for the bottle. Unfortunately, since the manicurist had opened and used the bottle during my treatment I had to pay. I walked away feeling I was a stupid tourist and got ripped off. I never expected this to happen in Singapore; it left a really bad impression on us. I don't think I want to come back to a city that treats people this way. I will be making a complaint to the Tourist Bureau and the relevant authorities. Here all I can say is STAY AWAY. DON'T TRUST OR USE QUICHE NAIL SPA!!!!!!!
I was thankful tat Sharon was around at plaza sing today.. good job done by her. I was displeased with the service rendered during my previous visit.. today Sharon saved my day... From Radha
My appointment is meant to be at 12pm at Takasimaya brunch. But I have been waiting for about 45mins and still waiting... No one comes to check out nor serve you something. Then what is the point of having an appointment schedule. Really bad service... They treat you like transparent... Really disappointed.....
Love the ambience and staff, however the only disappointing factor is every time i am there without fail they are really pushy about signing up a new package, even before the current one is halfway through or add on products. This is the reason why i am not signing on another package actually, as i don't feel comfortable whenever it is time to leave.
I'm on my second package at the Harborfront location and have decided that buying a package has great disadvantages insomuch as when you decide a business is not worth your business you either have to walk away from your investment or continue to go while loathing the place... Yesterday was the final straw. Pressure to "sell up" has always bordered on the abusive at the Harborfront location. A customer is always under great pressure to either buy additional packages or products even when you have already bought a surplus. Once I even had to demand that the receptionist not add an additional package and insist she return my credit card... But yesterday was a new low. As usual, I was told I NEEDED a new product (normally, to avoid future harassment I simply buy the products and therefore have a supply in my box they keep but sometimes they are vague as to the prices. First it was the sea salts which were said to be $5 a piece each time, I thought I had purchased them last time but they weren't in the box so I said I'd buy a set. When I got to the register, it was 2sets (seems the foot and hands are different. 20 tabs for $188! Thankfully though, I'd said no -to the great disappointment of the entire crew who was engaging in a full-front assault to get me to purchase a new treatment they were advising - two small bottles the size of polish bottles for a mere $39.95. For the bottles? No, for a single application! The bottle set was being offered for $598! Livid at such outrageous gouging I quicky googled the product and found it for £34. BEWARE is all I can say.
Was so disappointed about the service book an appt with June & she was transfer out last minute meet the boss in the shop ask her why they never check the appt before transfer out the staff her answer is can ask someone more senior to do for you. If can ask anyone to do why should I sign the pkt is because her service was good that why I come back. This was not the 1st time she has be transfer out without inform. I hope the boss will take noted customer who come back is because of the staff service.
If you are bored of the common nail art, try gel nails at in Quiche Nail Spa. They have a wide range of nail art for customers to choose.
A perfect place to pamper your nails and relax yourself at the same time.
Treat yourself with a relaxing foot spa plus mani pedi at Quiche Nail Spa. They offer good services with reasonable prices. They have friendly staffs too! :)
Pampmer place for u to relax and decorate your nails at the same time.
Professional and friendly staff! Expectation nice nail studio
The place was nice and the girl who served me was chirpy and fun to chat with. A staff picked out a couple of colours after I told her what I preferred and let me try a layer, but she also mixed them up and put some back and we couldn't remember which was which. (Wish she had done it more systematically so that we won't mix the colours up.) So I chose from the remaining. I was quite pleased with the service except that I carelessly touched the wet nail polish and when she helped me touch-up, the top coat had some red paint in it and some got onto my nail. Also, they wanted me to leave after sitting under the dryer for 30 mins but they let me stay upon request because I knew I can be really careless. As predicted, just as I was making payment, I made a dent in one of the nails. :S
Very nice service :) really friendly & they even give chocolate and hot tea for the customers
Just spent a very peasant day with Ain and Sonia. Would highly recommend this place and will come back on my next trip to Singapore!
professional staff and nice place to try their nail treatment !
The place is nice and comfortable. Indeed hygiene conscious!!!